• 1 – 9 sq. m. floor space: 550 € per sq. m.
  • Additional sq. m.: 500 €
  • After purchasing 18 sq. m., the additional sq. m. is: 450 €
Basic hiring of floor space includes:
  • Exhibition space (floor space only: no shell scheme, furniture, carpet or other furnishings)
  • Acknowledgement as an exhibitor in the programme with logo and contact information
  • Company information on the conference website
  • One conference bag with the programme
  • Participant list before the start of the conference
  • Security and technical supervision
  • Two exhibitor badges up to 9 sq. m., one more badge for each additional 3 sq. m.

Exhibition floor plan

See the exhibition plan. Please be aware that the plan can be renumbered over time. This does not change the location of the stand you had chosen.

Exhibition Guidelines

Technical specifications for exhibitors who have already booked their space

Booking Form

Send a filled out form to bara@codan-consulting.com together with company logo.