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Stand 26

Arjo supports you to implement a targeted and tailored pressure injury prevention strategy aligned with the latest evidence and international guidelines. Our multi-component approach begins with early and objective risk assessment with the Provizio® SEM Scanner, followed by comprehensive support surface technologies and repositioning aids, and partnerships that empower you to achieve your clinical, operational, and financial goals.

Stand 24

The history of Erbagil and its founder begins on a hill in the Samnium. Erbagil follows the entire production chain: from Erbagil Estate derives the best raw material transformed by Erbagil Research for Erbagil Production, with Medical devices, supplements, disinfectants, cosmetics, products for agriculture, oil, wines, and sparkling wine.

Stand 2

Parafricta markets a range of medical garments and bedding made from its proprietary, low-friction fabric. These relieve the effects of friction and associated shear on the skin, principally for preventing and treating pressure ulcers/injuries. Patient comfort and ease of use are at the forefront of the designs.


Dabir Surfaces
Stand 12

Dabir Systems are uniquely suited for patients undergoing surgical procedures exceeding two hours or patients who are immobile for prolonged periods. Exposure to continuous high pressure can lead to pressure injuries and increased treatment costs. Rows of geometric nodes provide dynamic alternating micro motion pressure relief to patients to maintain healthy tissue perfusion.

Stand 15

Patients suffering from skin & wound disorders often have to or will have to give up on activities they enjoy the most. Flen Health wants to provide innovation that allows these patients to live the life they love. This is the original, present & future mission.


HARTMANN is one of the leading providers of wound treatment solutions for patients and healthcare professionals around the world. Wound dressings have been at the heart of HARTMANN since the beginning. Quality and reliability are parts of our DNA and our German heritage. Our international research ensures that we keep track of and can respond to future professional needs around the globe.

EPUAP sponsor

Stand 5

At Mölnlycke, we deliver innovative solutions for managing wounds, improving surgical safety and efficiency and preventing pressure ulcers. Solutions that help achieve better outcomes and are backed by clinical and health-economic evidence. In everything we do, we are guided by a single purpose: to help healthcare professionals perform at their best. And we’re committed to proving it every day.

Stand 13

PU sensor
Stand 27

A turning point / revolution in the fight against pressure ulcers

  • Poor microcirculation increases the risk of pressure ulcers, but is not visible on the outside.
  • Today’s methods miss half of those who get pressure ulcers.
  • PU sensor finds who has increased risk. Then pressure ulcers can be prevented, suffering reduced and money saved.

Stand 35

Society of Tissue Viability

We’re a member-led charity that uses the power of collaborative thinking and action to solve wound and skin challenges. Our work is focused around three key areas: building community; sharing expertise; and creating change-makers. All our activities are designed to encourage the collaborative thinking and action needed to solve wound and skin challenges.

Stand 34

Sumed deals with the healing and maintenance of healthy skin, including pressure ulcers for people with limited mobility or atrophic skin. Sumed supply, manufacture, and distribute a range of medical equipment such as mattresses, cushions, heel protectors, etc. Sumed also deals with the servicing of equipment such as hoists and lifts. 

Wellell Inc.
Stand 14

Wellell, transformed from Apex Medical provides greater values and ambition in enhancing patients’ well-being with our valued partners, benefitting the wide range of users worldwide. Our brilliant minds and determination in developing more user-friendly and efficient devices across wound management, compression therapy, respiratory care, sterilization, and assistive device to improve patients’ well-being and enable caregivers and partners to improve patient care.