Branding & Educational Grants

Other than exhibiting at the conference, companies can choose more ways of promoting their brand through our branding offer. 
This is also a great way of participating remotely if the company cannot make it onsite.

We offer general branding, venue branding and unrestricted educational grants.

Branding Brochure

See all branding options with images and prices in our brochure. For booking, contact us at or Prices do not include production cost.


Industry is welcome to sponsor unrestricted EPUAP educational grant packages to support delegates in attending the EPUAP 2023 Annual Meeting. There are 3 types of grants and minimum 5 grants per company should be booked.


  • Registration fee 530 EUR
  • Hotel package 2 nights (single room) 240 EUR
  • Travel (flight/ground) within Europe 500 EUR
  • Administration 30 EUR
TOTAL: 1.300 EUR incl. VAT


  • Registration fee 530 EUR
  • Hotel package 2 nights (single room) 240 EUR
  • Administration 30 EUR
TOTAL: 800 EUR incl. VAT


  • Registration fee 530 EUR
  • Administration 30 EUR
TOTAL: 560 EUR incl. VAT
  • Be promoted on EPUAP social networks as the Educational Grants Sponsor.
  • Attract more potential future buyers.
  • Enhance your brand reputation
  • Gain increased visibility and networking opportunities
  • Create more collaborations and partnerships
  • Increase chances of improved recruitment and talent acquisition

Lead scanner | 350 EUR

Scan contact information of participants by using our Lead scanners incorporated in the Whova conference mobile App.
If purchased, you can also create a virtual booth and include your company information in the app.


branding brochure

For visuals, download the branding brochure.

Conference bags 3.000 EUR

Place your logo/graphics on conference bags given out to all participants.

Notepads & pens 2.000 EUR

Place your logo/graphics on notepads & pens given out to all participants in their conference bags.

AV sponsorship 3.000 EUR

Place your own slide between sessions in all breakout rooms of the conference.

Insert in conference bags
  • Sponsors 500 €
  • Exhibitors 750 €
  • Others 1,000 €

Printed material of your choice to be placed in the conference bags of all delegates.

Advert in the final programme 2.000 EUR

A4 graphics of your choice to be placed in the final programme book of the conference to be given out to all delegates.

Pocket programme 3.000 EUR

Pocket size congress overview with your advert to be handed out to all delegates. Includes production costs and excludes graphic design work.

Lanyards 3.000 EUR

Place your logo/graphics on lanyards given out to all participants.

Wi-Fi landing page 3.000 EUR

Your company name and logo will be displayed on the Wi-Fi landing page and venue signage. You can choose the username and password for signing in.

EPUAP 2023 mobile app 4.000 EUR

Your banner will be visible on top of the mobile app for all participants.

Delegates email blast
  • Sponsors 500 €
  • Exhibitors 750 €
  • Others 1,000 €

Advertise your business, product, presence at the conference or workshop through our conference newsletter network.

Rehydration stations 3.000 EUR

Water stations set up throughout the exhibition and registration area will be displaying sponsor’s logo/graphics.

Hand sanitizers 2.000 EUR

Bottles of sanitizers with your logo/graphics to be given out to all delegates in conference bags.


Flags in the square | 3.500 EUR

The outdoor museum flags would be replaced with flags with your design. All participants would be able to see the flags when entering the building multiple times a day. There is an installation and removal fee of 360 GBP + VAT.

Exhibition hall signage | price per request

We can offer various sizes of company signage to stick around the exhibition hall area and at the main entrance to registration and exhibition hall. 

Suspension frame in the exhibition hall | price per request

Company signage to be hung from truss.